Try before you buy outsourced sales professionals explained; Many companies today struggle to identify real sales talent, and in some cases are unsure of what they are actually looking for from a candidates profile perspective? This is a huge challenge within todays fast passed global market. Successful sales people require a unique mix of personal attributes, skills and experience, identifying and hiring the right person is complex and the stakes are high. try before you buy outsourced sales professionals offers you an alternative method of sales recruitment.

For every day you’re without an appointed sales professional, the financial impact on your business and the bottom line is huge. The lack of progress will affect your business directly in several areas highlighted here, your speed to market, sales revenue, product growth or strengthening / building a new sales team. The whole process can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming.

Top performers are difficult to identify, many candidates struggle a senior level. At London Growth Consulting we focus our energy on candidate’s with strong sales ability, excellent understanding of the sales process, qualifying the skills needed for sales success. We only engage with candidates who have a proven background of sales excellence, a wealth of sales experience at all levels and fully understand the buying process coupled with the dynamics of selling to businesses and people at all levels.

We ensure that every sales person presented to you, our potential clients has been through our London Growth Consulting rigorous sales engagement process, interviewed by three of our company directors and verbal references obtained from their business network.

All our candidates are highly motivated and committed to the try before you buy outsourced sales professionals program.

Our approach is simplistic, offering employers a unique try before you buy recruitment experience, our process is outlined below;

  1. Identify & engage candidate within 1 month
  2. Evaluation period 3 to 6 months with client
  3. Placement following evaluation period

Allowing you to take your next steps quickly with limited financial risk, enabling you to make a proactive, positive decisions and appoint your new qualified sales professional for your business, enabling you next step to growth easier.

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