About you and your business; every business either new or established endures challenges around the sales process and function. Are you struggling to recruit sales talent? Either internal sales, field sales or sales leadership, coupled with the rules of engagement required to be successful. The whole process becomes more challenging in remote global locations. If your struggling to recruit sales talent, London Growth Consulting can offer you an alternative solution for your business which enables you to make a better-informed decision with enhanced ROI for your business.

Many companies struggle to find real talent with the appropriate knowledge to be successful, often leaving a knowledge GAP around the sales process or be unable to find the right talent for your business and you need an urgent flexible solution which is affective and affordable. There are several ways and opportunities where we could assist and support your business needs.

Knowledge GAP Challenges:

  • Defining a go-to-market sales strategy
  • Customer engagement and retention activities to accelerate sales revenue
  • Sales leadership; looking to evaluate, restructuring an existing team, mentoring, coaching, KPI & goals setting
  • Sales process; evaluation and defining sales strategy
  • Global reach; seeking a worldwide distributor and partner network
  • New talent; recruitment, try before you buy, foundations for your future

Future proof your product:

  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Test your market, future proof your idea or product?
  • Evaluate the sales cycle, time to market!
  • Empowering you, better planning saves you time and money!

Financial Benefits:

  • Reduces investment activities, specific exercises or business objective within budget on time
  • Minimising your employment risk and the associated costs, enhanced ROI for your business
  • Flexibility empowers the decision process, enabling you to make a better-informed decision
  • Saving you time, energy and money

CALL TO ACTION, we want to hear from you.!

email; enquiries@londongrowthconsuting.com