About LGC: London Growth Consulting provides outsourced sales talent and office services to established and new start-up companies. Who require early stage field and inside sales support, warehouse and product delivery services in remote locations in preparation for a permanent office. Coupled with our talent search and acquisition program paving the way for your future. Our team at LGC are results driven and obsessed with making a real difference for your business.

London Growth Consulting provides a range of flexible and affordable outsourced sales solutions and remote office services, based on a day rate model.

  • Field Sales, Sales Management, Sales Strategy & Planning
  • Pipeline Creation & Opportunity Management
  • Talent Acquisition Services
  • Remote Office Services: Internal Sales and Sales Support
  • Product Delivery: Storage and Logistics Services

We craft and tailor our sales solutions and remotes services specifically to meet your needs, adapting to your business. Focusing on your value proposition, primary objectives, required timeline, roadmap of services required by you and your business. Our day rate model offers you complete flexibility, at an affordable cost to your business, without exceeding your “cost of sales” budget. Our day rates model includes local IT services telephone communication. (Travel costs and expenses are not included)

Our model paves the way, providing you a stepping stone to the future when your business reaches the appropriate time. We provide real value for money, maximising your ROI for your interim, immediate and future sales needs. LGC produce results with immediate sales momentum for a fraction of the cost of permanent personnel, especially during the critical, early phases of introducing a sales model within your business or when setting up a remote sales office.

Our aim is to eliminate the pain of the early go to market new employee risk, minimising your recruitment costs, speeding up the “Time to Sell period” Enabling you to appoint a talented sales professional with proven sales success, eliminating any doubt, giving you complete confidence, we will hit the ground running!

Our talent acquisition program is designed to run alongside and your LGC Sales Director appointment. We review the required skills for your future permanent team, research and identify the appropriate candidate with the required knowledge, experience and capabilities to meet your recruitment roadmap and timeline.

Our outsourced sales solutions come in three easily defined packages; Short term, Flexible and Long term. We take a proactive personal hands-on team approach, investing time, energy and passion on your sales assignment. Our goal is to ensure we make a real difference to your business, making your transition to growth easier. With clearly defined targets, strategic business objectives we will capture a growth WIN for your business.

CALL TO ACTION, we want to hear from you.!

email; enquiries@londongrowthconsuting.com